Fellow Prisoners | 22 Jun – 4 Jul 2021

We are delighted to present our first exhibition focuses on Hedderman’s work produced in his Berlin Studio. Hedderman is fascinated by the figurative form. His approach to composition is to challenge its rules and obstruction and create freestyle movements. Hedderman use of willow charcoal, graphite, chalk pastels and oil sticks allows him to creates bold and spontaneous expressions of the artist’s personality.

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Fellow Prisoners 1

David is an Irish artist and musician working and living in Berlin, Germany. He graduated from NCAD with a BA in Fine Art in 2005. His solo exhibitions include Verzweifelte Fremde´ WerkStadt Kulturverein Berlin, 2011, Shaking Still (recent drawings), Hang Tough Gallery, Dublin Ireland, 2018, He is a regular at the RHA (include. 188th, 187th, 186th) Annual Exhibitions and was a winner of the Hennesy Craig Scholarship, at the RHA (185th) Annual Exhibition. In 2017 he published ‘Draw’, a graphic guide to life drawing by David Hedderman by Ammonite Press.

He is a figurative artist with a focus on the human form. His method of working often involves tracing the model’s movement on the page and through overlaying poses, create complex, overlapping spaces and forms of non-narrative but descriptive ‘score’ out of the life drawing set. The results are breathtaking figurative work.

The following is a selection of artwork:

Contemporary figurativie chalk charcoal and pencil
Fellow Prisoners 26
Contents: chalk and charcoal on paper, 100 x 100cm,
Contemporary figurativie chalk charcoal and pencil
Fellow Prisoners 9
Contents: chalk and charcoal on paper, 100 x 100cm
2 Sides,
Contents: chalk, charcoal & oil, 81 x 71 | 89 x 80cm, wooden frame
Contents: oil, chalk & charcoal, 110 x 140 cm, framed

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