Shoreline | 2 – 15 OCT 2021

Horizon Lines

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Shoreline is a series of new works, by Stephanie Sloan.

The series of limited edition prints start as a drawing and then are altered digitally before commencing the screen printing process. These new works are more complex and technically brilliant. The final imagery is a very stylised representation of the places along the Shoreline.

Sun Seats

Sun Seats is a print that celebrates a spot in Sandycove, where the rocks have been built into a swimming platform creating a pattern of stones and shadows. The day Sloan sketched this area was a scorcher and the strong shadows and sun-bleached stones inspired this work.

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Coastal was an exhibition representing 5 images along the coastline of Dublin. For coastal catalogue click here or for general enquires click here . Read more on Stephanie Sloan interview.

Available; each image is available in 3 colourways; ecru & indigo, rose & indigo and sky-blue and indigo. Each print is 57 x 76cm is on 300 gm acid-free 100% cotton arches paper, Each image is a limited edition of 10. Each image is available unframed €625.00 | or framed* 60 x 79cm €775 * refers to a standard ebony frame with white insert in art UV glass.

Vico (Ecru)
Howth Head (Ecru)
Forty Foot (sky blue)
Sold out
Sold out
Sandycove II Sold out


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She is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, London and the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Stephanie is an illustrator and printmaker based in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Her studio’s coastal location and the surrounding Irish landscape, influence her.

Her illustrative style of pared-back colour and bold graphic form developed over her time working in design and illustration in Dublin, and a Masters in Print at London’s Royal College of Art honed her skills and cemented her passion for the craft of screen printing.

Her work combines both hand-drawn and digital techniques. ‘I embrace the combination of technology withdrawing and the organic process of printmaking, allowing the work to develop at each stage of the process.’ All work by Stephaine is handprinted in the studio.

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