Nicky Kruseman & retrospective of Neil O’Kennedy

This exhibition is postponed until 2021

The Wilton Gallery is proud to host this important exhibition. This is a joint show.

Wilton Gallery is delighted to present works by the late Neil O’Kennedy (1923 – 2010). Niel O’Kennedy was an Irish painter and sculptures who during his lifetime rarely exhibited any of his works. He did exhibit alongside leading visual Irish artists; Francis Bacon, Louis Le Broqucy, and Patrick Scott, who were major figures on the international art stage. There will be exceptional limited editions prints reproduced exclusively by Wilton which will be available to purchase.

We would not be able to bring this important exhibition to our visitor’s without the consent of the Kennedy family. Connections is about Niel O’Kennedy and his influence on his daughter, Nicky Kruseman. Wilton Gallery is delighted to present her latest works alongside him.