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Within the Landscape

Helen Pomphrey

15 Nov 2021 - 28 Nov 2021


Within the Landscape’,  showcases Pomphrey’s creative responses to scenes she encountered while recently travelling around rural Ireland.


All of Pomphrey’s paintings show her deep love of landscape. These scenes, which she first records by taking photographs and later transforms onto canvas, are solitary and unpopulated. There is a focus of attention in each work, usually an architectural or sculptural form, a vehicle or an old piece of machinery. These things were once inhabited, used, or admired, but they have outlived their usefulness and are now abandoned, discarded, ageing. They represent human intervention within the landscape and can tell a story of peoples’ lives. According to the artist, “These remnants of the past give the paintings a narrative quality.” 


Using a palette of predominantly blues, greens and greys, Pomphrey magnificently captures the atmosphere of the scenes she depicts. The objects often appear as imposing geometric shapes, especially in rectangular forms. These are abstract representations, her creative interpretation. Occasionally, there are suggestions of fluid natural elements that provide a contrast to the rigid structures within her landscapes.


Pomphrey’s style and technique have developed throughout her career as an artist. Her preference is for oil paint, used in combination with mixed media. She attributes this to the influence of twentieth-century American Abstract Expressionism. Pomphrey employs paper collage, photo transfer and print techniques to produce her signature, textured and layered works.



Catalogue of works is available on enquiry.